Who We Are?

We are an independent full service consultancy agency assisting Brands and Product marketers worldwide to gain MARKET ACCESS and SALES VELOCITY in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, one of the most fast growing markets in the world.
We take pride in our experienced, knowledge-sharing team of marketing professionals, who bring genuine passion and extensive expertise in assisting companies with a fast MARKET ENTRY and helping them develop and launch successful market-specific PRIVATE LABEL products.
It was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Dubai World Central Free Zone, focal point of EXPO2020, a revolutionary multi-phased visionary development in the city of Dubai. Since 2020, we are based at SHAMS (Sharjah Media City) Free Zone Authority, UAE.

Our Aim

We focus on assisting Local & Worldwide Brands seeking to expand their Business new territories and we are one of the few full-service providers of PRIVATE LABEL / WHITE LABEL / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
We strive to offer a distinctive, client customized, cost-effective solutions to Companies & Brands to successfully bring their products/services to the United Arab Emirates market, in front of their target consumers.
Our signature feature is the flexible, highly collaborative manner and dedication to support and serve the growing demand for Health & Wellness, Nutrition supplements, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle products and innovative Skincare & Cosmetics in the Gulf Region.

Our Expertise

Marketing Mix & Communication strategy
Brand/Product Website creation
Digital Marketing & Social media activity
Ecommerce Marketplaces listing

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We focus and work across various sectors within Consumer Products & Services area in local market of United Arab Emirates, having real understanding of specific core categories, gathered through extensive work experience over 15 years.
We have established relationships with key local players and local authorities across UAE thus enabling us to get fast track to market by developing the local channels strategy for your Business and Products.

Skincare & Hair & Beauty

Foods & Beverages

Nutrition Supplements

Health & Wellness


Our competitive advantage is the knowledge of local market business specifics, strong liaison with the local authorities and familiarity with local culture and its people.

We help the Brand owners develop strategic partnership through an extensive network of major key buyers, retailers, importers or distributors in the territory.

Based on our Product Representation & Agency services, we are able to drive rapid growth via appointed importers&distributors and get fast track to market by developing the local channels strategy.


Market access strategy
Product entry strategy & localization
Identify target partnerships
Partner search: Importers/Distributors
Supplier & Distributor Matchmaking
Contract negotiation & price structuring
Facilitate sales coverage
Facilitate retail placement

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We assist our clients in meeting stringent regulatory criteria and industry standards in the UAE.

Rely on us to ensure your product packaging is compliant to local regulations.

We also strongly believe that packaging provides great opportunity to position the product in front of the consumers. It needs to get the instant consumer attention, differentiate from competitors products, emphasize on the quality, effectiveness and uniqueness to communicate the essence of the Brand, your most valuable economic asset.

If needed, we are equipped with skills and talents to incorporate your brand DNA into a visually and appealing packaging design and formulate acceptable claims.

We also ensure that our clients retain exclusive right to the products or patents by Trademark service registration in the UAE.


Regulatory affairs Approvals
Product label & Claims Review, Edit, Reformulate
Ingredients Review
Full Label Compliance
Prepare Registration Dossiers
Packaging Development: label design & Conceptualization
Label Translation to Local Language
Trademark Registration in the UAE
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Once your products have been successfully placed into the market, we can provide a focused, cost effective, holistic approach to your Brand marketing support in the launch phase and stand out from the crowd.

New forms of media presence are winning hearts and minds but also drive massive sales volumes.

We can help Brand owners jump start sales at an accelerated velocity by using the power of interactive video, digital media and social media, adapted to the local specific culture.


Marketing mix & communication strategy
Digital Marketing strategy
Brand identity development
Localization of Marketing collaterals
Products website development& Content Management
Social Media
Associate Product Training
PR activities
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